How Will Natiq Be Remembered?

Natiq Featured in Pitt Magazine
Street Telemetry Featured in Pitt Chronicle
Street Telemetry Featured in The Pitt News

Natiq featured in Creativ Magazine article, "How Will You Be Remembered".

"I hope history remembers me as one who defied the odds, and constantly battled against mediocrity - one who broke the mold of what it means to be an artist with no boundaries. I am passionate about my work, and seek to focus more on the feelings of a moment - its intensity, its happiness, its sadness, its utter confusion and its elusive clarity - than on copying what I see. If history remembers me, at all, I hope it remembers that not only did I truly live through my work, but my work was meant to help others to truly live.


Natiq Videos

"A Rainy Day in New York City"
14 x 11 watercolor, ink and gold leaf on watercolor paper.

Practicing my watercolor and ink painting in my watercolor notebook. I've never done a time-lapse of my traditional works in progress before, so please don't judge me harshly because of my lack of skill in video production. 

Anyway, enjoy the piece. Support your friendly neighborhood artists.

Natiq at RAW Manhattan

Natiq at RAW Pittsburgh

Natiq in Text

Natiq featured in beautiful article on Writeca, written by Davide Di Prossimmo.

Jalil has the strong belief that the best time to conceive art is during those unique moments between being asleep and being awake. His pieces of art are today part of private collections around the U.S., mainly in middle-west and east-coast areas. We talked to the artist, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

Davide Di Prossimmo - September 23, 2014 -
Natiq interviewed by Pierce Maratto of Touchfaster
 "He has a unique way of elevating the piece's central figures to a spiritual level, pulling the viewer into a sort of meditative experience that is truly incredible." 
Pierce Maratto - Touchfaster - June 19, 2013