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It is starting to get cold again. And the darkness is coming a little earlier every night. However, the moon manages to remain beautiful everytime I see it, even though the nights are kinda lonely when it's not there. But there really isn't too much I can do about that.

I still haven't gotten my traditional art back. But I guess I'm starting to get used to it. My canvas is now a plasma screen and my brushes have been replaced with a Wacom pen tablet. Fair exchange is no robbery, I guess. Still...

I miss it...

This is the latest piece I completed.


Though this piece was deeply personal to me, and though I put my heart and soul into it, I am feeling as if my feelings didn't shine through. I think that this one was only personal to me and that it doesn't speak to the heart I was reaching for. But I guess that can't be helped. Especially since I can never be with those I paint.

Sometimes I feel like the wolf howling at the moon--it will never know if the moon heard its voice, or whether its love song was lost in the vacuum.

Here are some works in progress:

Rhapsody of Sublime Decadence


Listlessly Restless


That's all for now.

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