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Relationships get so bananas when you start deciphering the other person’s love language.

Like I thought I was just acquaintances with this person because they never told me details about themselves and we just talked movies and writing . But then they made time to have coffee with me and they showed up out of breath because they ran. Like. RAN to be on time for coffee with me?

And I was like “i don’t mind waiting” cause I never want to run

But they said they wanted every minute they could get because I’m so busy usually

Which is when it clicked that I didn’t get how much they considered me a friend because I just straight away didn’t see MY signs of affection in them and went “cool! Casual buds it is.” But now that I’m seeing their signs of affection, I feel a little silly for dismissing them like that even though I felt like we could be best bros.

Anyway, some people show affection through time or intensity or commitment and not vocally. I really have to remember that!

Fyi- just in case you didn’t know.

TOUCH got a bro that likes to give high fives? Back slaps? Are they a hugger? Do they not blink an eye at cuddles?

QUALITY TIME this bro will (as op stated) sprint to spend every minute possible with you. Every second that you guys are together is a declaration of affection.

WORDS does your bro tell you how amazing and great and fantastic and wonderful you are all the time? Guess what…?

GIFTS do they buy you coffee? Snacks, energy drinks, spot you at the restaurant? Did that one key chain removed you of them? Ding ding!

ACTS are they always doing things for you? Ie: Nah bro, I got this, I can do that, need me to get anything for you, I can help with…?

PRO TIP - The way people show love is often how they receive love as well.

I reblogged this recently but it got better and ive been thinking and learning a lot abt love languages so

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Full Circle... so it begins (Excerpt) - 11/10/2008

Posted by Natiq Jalil on Sunday, June 12, 2011 Under: Retro blogs

Full Circle... so it begins (Excerpt) - 11/10/2008

 ***This is just an excerpt from the original blog post, so long ago. I would post the whole thing, but I learned some valuable lessons since then... the main one is, people who are not artists don't understand artists. And when we write about things that affect or inspired our art, our words can be taken personally in ways that just don't make any sense to us. So please forgive... I'm skipping the personal part of the blog so I don't have to have a long conversation about it later. I hope you enjoy the art, though.

 "Anyway, here is what I've been working on. I apologize for the gloomy feel to them. It wasn't my intention, but it seems that I can't separate my feelings from my work. The name of the project is, "Full Circle. Valentine's Moon." It is a side story to my original story, "Darkholme's Paradise." Here are pictures I've completed of the 2 main characters, Moon and Valentine. Feel free to comment. I don't mind, positive or negative. The logo design was killer. I tried many things. Some looked good by themselves but looked terrible up against the images. I ended up using my own handwriting. Anyway, here you go. Enjoy. ^_^"



 I'll post some more soon. And I still have to post the preview for the novel. I also will be posting up another pic for Full Circle named, Simplicity, with all the steps leading to her completion. Thanks to a homegirl of mine for letting me borrow her nickname for this character. I really appreciate it. Talk to you all soon.



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