Here's to new beginnings and long overdue endings. (Except) - 05/22/2009

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***This was a long blog speaking about some of my personal feelings that were affecting my art at the time. I cut out all of the personal stuff and just left the art. The original post can be viewed here: 

All melancholia aside… here are some of my recent pieces. Feel free to comment on them, if you so please. You can comment on me also. There’s very little I haven’t heard yet. I can take it.

This is the Logo I designed for Darkholme’s Paradise:


This is Melancholy from Darkholme’s Paradise:
This is Sodom, from Darkholme’s Paradise: 

Here are some of my works in progress:

I’ve been in a Venetian mask mood I guess.

There are words that go with this last one here:

My smile is for the world. 
My anger and pain are for you only. 
Only you know my true face… 
Promise me… 
Always return to me… 
even if it hurts.”


Until Next time. 



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