Opening Night at the Shadow Lounge - 03/19/2010

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I had my first exhibit in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks to everyone who came out to support!!!

Ben was a huge support. ^_^


 This picture is blurry. Jen has been a huge support, also.

Another blurry picture. Gretchen has been a powerhouse in my corner. So a huge Thank You to her. ^_^


My sister, Latoya, and my daughter, Nasim.

My brother, Thomas, and his son Tsion.

Thanks Sarai! You're really goofy sometimes, but I appreciate it.

Had lots of prints available.

I was painting live at the show.

Here is a better angle.

Discussing an unfinished piece from a new series.

The discussion continues. Dera has been a big support also. I hope she enjoys the prints she purchased.

Some more photos from the show. Thanks again to everyone who supported me from the start and through to the finish. I really appreciate it.

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