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Posted 9 weeks ago


Another masterpiece by @artofnatiq

“Growth in Defiance of…”

81 x 30" mixed media on brown paper.

I started doing brown paper art a bit over 2 years ago as a statement of black beauty and resistance against a past and present that tries to convince us that we are ugly.

I don’t mind that there are others who are now using this concept in their own way. The more voices speaking on it, the better. Racism, colorism, and all of the other high key problematic issues that persist to this day need to be voiced and and they need to be voiced often and loudly, so that those covering their ears in the back can hear.

I don’t own the rights to the background music. The song is “Penthouse Cloud” by The Internet.

Posted 16 weeks ago



Yo get these guys off a subway & onto broadway cuz this is lit.

Holy shit 😨😨😨😨😨

Reposting so I can watch anytime I want.

Posted 17 weeks ago
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Posted 18 weeks ago




Relationships get so bananas when you start deciphering the other person’s love language.

Like I thought I was just acquaintances with this person because they never told me details about themselves and we just talked movies and writing . But then they made time to have coffee with me and they showed up out of breath because they ran. Like. RAN to be on time for coffee with me?

And I was like “i don’t mind waiting” cause I never want to run

But they said they wanted every minute they could get because I’m so busy usually

Which is when it clicked that I didn’t get how much they considered me a friend because I just straight away didn’t see MY signs of affection in them and went “cool! Casual buds it is.” But now that I’m seeing their signs of affection, I feel a little silly for dismissing them like that even though I felt like we could be best bros.

Anyway, some people show affection through time or intensity or commitment and not vocally. I really have to remember that!

Fyi- just in case you didn’t know.

TOUCH got a bro that likes to give high fives? Back slaps? Are they a hugger? Do they not blink an eye at cuddles?

QUALITY TIME this bro will (as op stated) sprint to spend every minute possible with you. Every second that you guys are together is a declaration of affection.

WORDS does your bro tell you how amazing and great and fantastic and wonderful you are all the time? Guess what…?

GIFTS do they buy you coffee? Snacks, energy drinks, spot you at the restaurant? Did that one key chain removed you of them? Ding ding!

ACTS are they always doing things for you? Ie: Nah bro, I got this, I can do that, need me to get anything for you, I can help with…?

PRO TIP - The way people show love is often how they receive love as well.

I reblogged this recently but it got better and ive been thinking and learning a lot abt love languages so

Posted 19 weeks ago
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Posted 19 weeks ago






Americans be like: My grandpa 😠😠😠 served in the Korean War 😠😠😠 and killed 9 people 😠😠😠 to fund his college degree in clownery 😠😠😠 Respect him or leave the country 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

That’s a super light story huh? My great grandfather got killed in action from a land mine to protect this country. If you don’t wanna respect the history or stand for a national anthem😁then leave to your peaceful home and fuck right off

How did your great grandpa stepping on a landmine protect this country


Posted 22 weeks ago



Was this the intention

very tired cat writing a term paper

This cat looks like a Weasley.

Posted 22 weeks ago


Village if the Hidden Hotep has killed me

Somebody called this nigga the Ashy Kage

I am.gonnnneeee🤣🤣🤣🤣

Bringing back the 90s no jutsu.

Posted 24 weeks ago




This some extra dimensional lookin shit right here

This reminds me of therm-optic camouflage in Ghost in the Shell. They almost disappear at times in the video.

Posted 32 weeks ago

The soundtrack of my day... message to a friend

December 7, 2011

Good morning ( ^_^)/

You ever have a moment of profound clarity in the midst of a hard situation that makes you feel like things just might be ok?

Today started off pretty rough. You ever have one of those days where it seems like the universe itself is trying to make you late to work? A bunch of little things kept happening that took up moments of my time that I couldn’t seem to make up. Things like, the cup of water I set on the table is knocked over by my sister bumping the table as she passes by, and the stream of water just happens to drip right into the shoe I was getting ready to put on my foot. Or like when I reached into my pocket to grab my keys to lock my door, and the key ring just happens to snag a loose thread in my pocket. My entire pocket was pulled out and all of the contents of my pocket spilled to the ground. While scooping up everything, the bus shows up at the corner, 5 minutes early, so that I just barely have time to dash the almost 2 blocks to the bus stop. *sigh*


Did I mention that it was raining, too? I was running in the rain like my life depended on it, holding my jacket, my tie, my scarf, an umbrella, the new book by Christopher Paolini, “Inheritance”, and some of the spilled contents of my pocket in one arm, and trying to stuff some, now soaking wet, dollar bills into my pocket. Wet money does NOT feel good in your pocket, believe you me. *sigh*


That was how my morning began.


So, as I put on my tie, tie pin, watch, scarf, etc, that I didn’t have time to put on at home, under the not-so-indiscreet observation of the other bus riders, I made a silent little prayer to myself…


“Please don’t let my entire day be like this.”


So, I finally arrived at my destination; the bus stop at the corner of 9th and Liberty Ave in downtown. Feeling proud of myself for stepping off of the bus without tripping and harming myself or others, I walked the 9 or 10 steps to the corner to wait my turn to cross the street at the crosswalk. I was determined to ease my frayed nerves. I crossed the street holding my umbrella and my book, while digging out my smokes. When I was safely across the street, I quickly ducked under the nearest storefront awning. Now out of the rain, and still trying to find my smokes, I feel the I-pod Nano that I always seem to have on my person. I absently pulled out the tiny, screenless MP3 player, stuck the earphones into my ears, flipped the switch on the bottom to the ‘on’ position, and pressed play. At first, there was no sound, but that’s to be expected. Songs don’t always start immediately. I finally found my smokes and pressed one to my lips. The music start just as I found my lighter and was about to spark the flame. It was the piano solo, “Solitudes”, played by Hashimoto Ichiko. One of my favorites.


I swear that the first notes sparked one of the most surreal moments I’ve ever experienced in life.


In those first chords, it seemed like the world around me slowed to the same legato tempo as Hashimoto Sensei’s improv.  The sights and sounds of the city seemed to come to life all of a sudden. The flame from my lighter seemed to caress the tip of my cigarette, the hiss of the paper seeming to take on a greater significance than was ever intended. I saw a pigeon take flight in slow motion and marveled at the way the raindrops seemed to gently explode into tiny upside-down worlds as they touched the tips of its wing feathers. I saw a man in the passenger seat of a car, yelling at the woman driving. However, with the world under the influence of my music, he appeared to be enjoying a long and relaxing yawn. A saw a beautiful Asian business woman struggling with her hoop earring while appearing to glide across the street. Though my mind know what was really happening, it seemed she was simply trying to more clearly hear the tune from my I-pod.


All around me, the world seemed to bloom to life. The bricks of the building were as red as the sweetest cherry, the cloud-filled sky seemed bluer than indigo to me… all of existence seem saturated with rain-soaked color, more vivid than reality. I had a moment when I thought…


“Wow. The city is so beautiful.”


And then the last chord was played. And the world snapped back into place. Time began again. And all was well in the world.



Grace in Roses - 10/08/11

October 8, 2011
I just finished my latest traditional commission. It was a 36 x 48 acrylic on canvas. It was for a good friend of mine, Jeff Levis. He'd requested a painting of his wife, but he didn't just want it to be a copy of a photo.I worked on it and though it took a bit of time, I was please with the results, and he and his wife loved it. It was a lot of fun working on it. Here is a picture of it. I took the picture with my cell, so it's not the greatest. I'll post better pictures soon.

I am opening up...
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Griots - 02/27/2011

June 26, 2011
This is a cover design I recently completed for this amazing compilation of Sword and Soul Fantasy short stories. I worked on this under the guidance of Milton Davis, an amazing author and a man who I view as a strong mentor, and Charles Saunders, also an amazing author who I constantly had to battle with feeling star-struck in his presence, even though it was online. Please visit them here: 
Milton Davis:
Charles Saunders : http://www.facebook....
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Sista Soul Project - 07/07/2010

June 26, 2011
Here is some work for a talented singer from Denver, CO. She is known as Sista Soul. I had fun working on this project and I wish her the best. For those who would like to check out her work, here is a link: 



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Opening Night at the Shadow Lounge - 03/19/2010

June 26, 2011

I had my first exhibit in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks to everyone who came out to support!!!

Ben was a huge support. ^_^


 This picture is blurry. Jen has been a huge support, also.

Another blurry picture. Gretchen has been a powerhouse in my corner. So a huge Thank You to her. ^_^


My sister, Latoya, and my daughter, Nasim.

My brother, Thomas, and his son Tsion.

Thanks Sarai! You're really goofy sometimes, but I appreciate it.

Had lots of prints available.

I was painting live at the show.

Here is a better...
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