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“Ghetto is nothing but creativity that hasn’t been stolen yet.”

- Writer, Nezarial Scott, on the hypocritical commercialization and commodification of Black American fashion, vernacular, slang, culture, and livelihood.

DAMN. That hit me hard.

Posted 33 weeks ago

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Griots - 02/27/2011

Posted by Natiq Jalil on Sunday, June 26, 2011, In : Projects 
This is a cover design I recently completed for this amazing compilation of Sword and Soul Fantasy short stories. I worked on this under the guidance of Milton Davis, an amazing author and a man who I view as a strong mentor, and Charles Saunders, also an amazing author who I constantly had to battle with feeling star-struck in his presence, even though it was online. Please visit them here: 
Milton Davis:
Charles Saunders : http://www.facebook....
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