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Well now you got my attention!!


if he is the new superman it’ll be some fuckshit right? manchild will probably try to throw his hat in writing some of the plot and it’ll be some random coming to age story where manchild doesn’t want to accept his gifts as superman….so it’ll take his extra whole white milk ass lois lane to encourage him to be better and give him all his essential vitamins for great bone health or watever…sometime after…shit gets real for her and she has to be saved….dun dun dunnnn here comes superman here to save his favorite brand of milk from being spoiled at the hands of some evil doer.

i’m just talking shit…it’ll be cool to have a black superman and have his ass get back on that killmonger diet. but i hope he grows his hair out because i do not like him with a haircut no mo. *ignore me*

^^^^^^ Why did I just read this whole thing in Denzel’s voice? Lmao!

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Opening Night at the Shadow Lounge - 03/19/2010

Posted by Natiq Jalil on Sunday, June 26, 2011, In : Events 

I had my first exhibit in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks to everyone who came out to support!!!

Ben was a huge support. ^_^


 This picture is blurry. Jen has been a huge support, also.

Another blurry picture. Gretchen has been a powerhouse in my corner. So a huge Thank You to her. ^_^


My sister, Latoya, and my daughter, Nasim.

My brother, Thomas, and his son Tsion.

Thanks Sarai! You're really goofy sometimes, but I appreciate it.

Had lots of prints available.

I was painting live at the show.

Here is a better...
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