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Another masterpiece by @artofnatiq

“Growth in Defiance of…”

81 x 30" mixed media on brown paper.

I started doing brown paper art a bit over 2 years ago as a statement of black beauty and resistance against a past and present that tries to convince us that we are ugly.

I don’t mind that there are others who are now using this concept in their own way. The more voices speaking on it, the better. Racism, colorism, and all of the other high key problematic issues that persist to this day need to be voiced and and they need to be voiced often and loudly, so that those covering their ears in the back can hear.

I don’t own the rights to the background music. The song is “Penthouse Cloud” by The Internet.

Posted 16 weeks ago

Taking Myself Seriously - 08/02/2008

Posted by Natiq Jalil on Sunday, June 12, 2011 Under: Retro blogs

Taking Myself Seriously - 08/02/2008

I recently came to the morbid realization that from the moment of my birth, I began to die. Having that thought didn't really make me sad or anything, but it did put some things into perspective.

Thus armed with a new epiphany, I decided I was going to take myself a little more seriously... which basically means, I'm going to work harder on making my dream come true. In the end, I want to leave something behind so that the world knows that I was here... not that this fact is a big deal or anything, but its nice to leave something, I think.

So I dream of releasing a book or series of books called, Darkholme's Paradise. I've been working on it off and on for years now, but I think I'm now ready to commit to it. Here are sketches I've done for it so far.

Asim-1 Pari-1 Sodom_so_far

 This is just the beginning. I know its a little rough, but its all heartfelt. I'll post a preview of the novel, soon. Basically, my vision is of a novel with art scattered throughout. Anyway, these are my ramblings for this time.



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