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Felt like I was playing Assassin’s Creed.

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My mom just sent me this video without any context??

thanks mom, how’d you know what i was doing today

For the love of Gods, unmute this please

Yoooooooooo! Unmute this. Dead! Lmao!

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settle this for me once and for all















is “chai” a TYPE of tea??! bc in Hindi/Urdu, the word chai just means tea

its like spicy cinnamon tea instead of bland gross black tea

I think the chai that me and all other Muslims that I know drink is just black tea

i mean i always thought chai was just another word for tea?? in russian chai is tea

why don’t white people just say tea

do they mean it’s that spicy cinnamon tea

why don’t they just call it “spicy cinnamon tea”

the spicy cinnamon one is actually masala chai specifically so like

there’s literally no reason to just say chai or chai 

They don’t know better. To them “chai tea” IS that specific kind of like, creamy cinnamony tea. They think “chai” is an adjective describing “tea”.

What English sometimes does when it encounters words in other languages that it already has a word for is to use that word to refer to a specific type of that thing. It’s like distinguishing between what English speakers consider the prototype of the word in English from what we consider non-prototypical.

(Sidenote: prototype theory means that people think of the most prototypical instances of a thing before they think of weirder types. For example: list four kinds of birds to yourself right now. You probably started with local songbirds, which for me is robins, blue birds, cardinals, starlings. If I had you list three more, you might say pigeons or eagles or falcons. It would probably take you a while to get to penguins and emus and ducks, even though those are all birds too. A duck or a penguin, however, is not a prototypical bird.)

“Chai” means tea in Hindi-Urdu, but “chai tea” in English means “tea prepared like masala chai” because it’s useful to have a word to distinguish “the kind of tea we make here” from “the kind of tea they make somewhere else”.

“Naan” may mean bread, but “naan bread” means specifically “bread prepared like this” because it’s useful to have a word to distinguish between “bread made how we make it” and “bread how other people make it”.

We also sometimes say “liege lord” when talking about feudal homage, even though “liege” is just “lord” in French, or “flower blossom” to describe the part of the flower that opens, even though when “flower” was borrowed from French it meant the same thing as blossom. 

We also do this with place names: “brea” means tar in Spanish, but when we came across a place where Spanish-speakers were like “there’s tar here”, we took that and said “Okay, here’s the La Brea tar pits”.

 Or “Sahara”. Sahara already meant “giant desert,” but we call it the Sahara desert to distinguish it from other giant deserts, like the Gobi desert (Gobi also means desert btw).

English doesn’t seem to be the only language that does this for places: this page has Spanish, Icelandic, Indonesian, and other languages doing it too.

Languages tend to use a lot of repetition to make sure that things are clear. English says “John walks”, and the -s on walks means “one person is doing this” even though we know “John” is one person. Spanish puts tense markers on every instance of a verb in a sentence, even when it’s abundantly clear that they all have the same tense (”ayer [yo] caminé por el parque y jugué tenis” even though “ayer” means yesterday and “yo” means I and the -é means “I in the past”). English apparently also likes to use semantic repetition, so that people know that “chai” is a type of tea and “naan” is a type of bread and “Sahara” is a desert. (I could also totally see someone labeling something, for instance, pan dulce sweetbread, even though “pan dulce” means “sweet bread”.)

Also, specifically with the chai/tea thing, many languages either use the Malay root and end up with a word that sounds like “tea” (like té in Spanish), or they use the Mandarin root and end up with a word that sounds like “chai” (like cha in Portuguese).

So, can we all stop making fun of this now?

Okay and I’m totally going to jump in here about tea because it’s cool. Ever wonder why some languages call tea “chai” or “cha” and others call it “tea” or “the”? 

It literally all depends on which parts of China (or, more specifically, what Chinese) those cultures got their tea from, and who in turn they sold their tea to. 

The Portuguese imported tea from the Southern provinces through Macau, so they called tea “cha” because in Cantonese it’s “cha”. The Dutch got tea from Fujian, where Min Chinese was more heavily spoken so it’s “thee” coming from “te”. And because the Dutch sold tea to so much of Europe, that proliferated the “te” pronunciation to France (”the”), English (”tea”) etc, even though the vast majority of Chinese people speak dialects that pronounce it “cha” (by which I mean Mandarin and Cantonese which accounts for a lot of the people who speak Chinese even though they aren’t the only dialects).

And “chai”/”chay” comes from the Persian pronunciation who got it from the Northern Chinese who then brought it all over Central Asia and became chai.


This is the post that would make Uncle Iroh join tumblr

Tea and linguistics. My two faves.

Okay, this is all kinds of fascinating!

Quality linguistic research

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tumblr photo tumblr photo tumblr photo tumblr photo
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These Are Not Your Negroes




Dear White People,

I know that you are excited about Black Panther. I know that all the memes that Black Tumblr and Black Twitter are creating are hilarious and wonderful, as is all media we create. After all, it’s already the best Marvel movie ever made, with the most beautiful cast, and the most perfect costumes and special effects.

That being said though… please think long and hard about how you talk about characters in this movie. T’challa is not your bae. Killmonger is not your precious son. Shuri is not your wife. Absolutely none of the characters are your children or your smol anything. Most specifically? The characters AREN’T YOURS.

The language of anti-black racism is often couched in terms of infantilization and ownership. I don’t give a shit if you’re just putting it in tags, be careful how you interact textually and mentally with black characters.

Black Panther is a movie for black people. Sure, a lot of people are going to see it, but this movie is, for many a black nerd, a lifelong dream. It’s ours, and while you get to share it, you don’t get to fucking claim it. 

The MCU fandom already turns black characters into mammys and servants and sidekicks for their white favs, and it’s bullshit. You turn black pain into plot points for your white favs. Basically you have a long history of treating black characters like shit, and I’m here to tell you to cut that shit out.

Your white favs do not belong in Wakanda. They don’t belong there in meta, in head canons, in fic. The only reason Buckwheat Barnes gets to be there is because he’s currently being used as a decorative ice sculpture for state dinners. You have literally the rest of the entire fucking MCU, go play in that sandbox and leave Wakanda alone. 


Me, and Black Fans Everywhere Who Are Tired of Your Shit

P.S. I know y’all won’t listen and a bunch of you are gonna get your panties in a twist over this, but let this serve as a letter of notice that I will come for you if I see even a HINT of White Nonsense™ on posts about Black Panther and it’s cast.

I am reblogging this from @athynaoswald because her notes were flawless and I want to share. White people, this is what “getting it” looks like.

#a lot of the responses seem to be taking this as discouraging white people from seeing or enjoying black panther #but like as a white person reading ops post this says to me go see and enjoy this movie and be respectful of the characters 

#the thing about infantalizing especially cause like yeah that’s a way a lot of people including me interact with characters in general #calling them smol or precious but like from what I have read that has a whole different context when it comes to black characters #because of racism and historical contexts like op said 

#and then also just ya know not using wakanda as a playground for white people seems pretty simple to me #like ah yes let’s put all my white characters into wakanda seems too close to colonization 

#tldr op isn’t saying don’t see the movie they’re saying be responsible with how you engage with fiction

You, my friend, get it, and are invited to come to the opening night showing of Black Panther.

Since everyone is so excited about the Black Panther premiere (hooooooooly shit everyone looks amazing) I figured I’d resurrect this post. Give your love to the movie, give your dollars to the movie, give your love to the cast, think twice before you post anything out loud on the internet and/or wear Black Panther merch. It’s not ours and that’s okay!

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New anime, so far…

Ok. Here are the new anime (this season) I’ve watched so far.

Death March to a Parallel World - A+

Overlord II - A+

Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls - A+

Record of Grancrest War - A+

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens - B

Hakyu Hoshin Engi - C-

Anybody else see any other good ones or ones to avoid, this season?

Also, still watching Naruto Shippuden with @dynastylnoire which is always amazing. We are currently at the part where Chiyo-obaachan is fightikng with Sakura against Sasori.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card was the only anime that stood out to me this season

@black-geek-supremacy I’ve never tried any of the Cardcaptor Sakura series. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

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A perfect duet.

You will never escape this video as long as I am alive.

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The soundtrack of my day... message to a friend

Posted by Natiq Jalil on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Under: Just Life

Good morning ( ^_^)/

You ever have a moment of profound clarity in the midst of a hard situation that makes you feel like things just might be ok?

Today started off pretty rough. You ever have one of those days where it seems like the universe itself is trying to make you late to work? A bunch of little things kept happening that took up moments of my time that I couldn’t seem to make up. Things like, the cup of water I set on the table is knocked over by my sister bumping the table as she passes by, and the stream of water just happens to drip right into the shoe I was getting ready to put on my foot. Or like when I reached into my pocket to grab my keys to lock my door, and the key ring just happens to snag a loose thread in my pocket. My entire pocket was pulled out and all of the contents of my pocket spilled to the ground. While scooping up everything, the bus shows up at the corner, 5 minutes early, so that I just barely have time to dash the almost 2 blocks to the bus stop. *sigh*


Did I mention that it was raining, too? I was running in the rain like my life depended on it, holding my jacket, my tie, my scarf, an umbrella, the new book by Christopher Paolini, “Inheritance”, and some of the spilled contents of my pocket in one arm, and trying to stuff some, now soaking wet, dollar bills into my pocket. Wet money does NOT feel good in your pocket, believe you me. *sigh*


That was how my morning began.


So, as I put on my tie, tie pin, watch, scarf, etc, that I didn’t have time to put on at home, under the not-so-indiscreet observation of the other bus riders, I made a silent little prayer to myself…


“Please don’t let my entire day be like this.”


So, I finally arrived at my destination; the bus stop at the corner of 9th and Liberty Ave in downtown. Feeling proud of myself for stepping off of the bus without tripping and harming myself or others, I walked the 9 or 10 steps to the corner to wait my turn to cross the street at the crosswalk. I was determined to ease my frayed nerves. I crossed the street holding my umbrella and my book, while digging out my smokes. When I was safely across the street, I quickly ducked under the nearest storefront awning. Now out of the rain, and still trying to find my smokes, I feel the I-pod Nano that I always seem to have on my person. I absently pulled out the tiny, screenless MP3 player, stuck the earphones into my ears, flipped the switch on the bottom to the ‘on’ position, and pressed play. At first, there was no sound, but that’s to be expected. Songs don’t always start immediately. I finally found my smokes and pressed one to my lips. The music start just as I found my lighter and was about to spark the flame. It was the piano solo, “Solitudes”, played by Hashimoto Ichiko. One of my favorites.


I swear that the first notes sparked one of the most surreal moments I’ve ever experienced in life.


In those first chords, it seemed like the world around me slowed to the same legato tempo as Hashimoto Sensei’s improv.  The sights and sounds of the city seemed to come to life all of a sudden. The flame from my lighter seemed to caress the tip of my cigarette, the hiss of the paper seeming to take on a greater significance than was ever intended. I saw a pigeon take flight in slow motion and marveled at the way the raindrops seemed to gently explode into tiny upside-down worlds as they touched the tips of its wing feathers. I saw a man in the passenger seat of a car, yelling at the woman driving. However, with the world under the influence of my music, he appeared to be enjoying a long and relaxing yawn. A saw a beautiful Asian business woman struggling with her hoop earring while appearing to glide across the street. Though my mind know what was really happening, it seemed she was simply trying to more clearly hear the tune from my I-pod.


All around me, the world seemed to bloom to life. The bricks of the building were as red as the sweetest cherry, the cloud-filled sky seemed bluer than indigo to me… all of existence seem saturated with rain-soaked color, more vivid than reality. I had a moment when I thought…


“Wow. The city is so beautiful.”


And then the last chord was played. And the world snapped back into place. Time began again. And all was well in the world.


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